karate for kids

Teen and Youth Classes

  • Small Class Size

  • Personalized Instruction

  • Practical Skills

  • No Contracts

  • No Gimmicks

Our Environment

Quality martial arts instruction can help kids in so many ways. While learning self-defense skills students typically develop a great deal that doesn't meet the eye. And they have fun in the process! 

In contrast to many schools, our environment is calm and quiet. We never yell or demand but instead teach by example and with kindness. 

We encourage kids to work, to think, and to find answers from within.

Classes for ages 8-11 and ages 12- teen. 

Our methods-

  • teach practical self-defense

  • improve listening skills

  • encourage initiative

  • build confidence

  • improve coordination

  • provide year round physical activity

  • are fun and challenging

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self-defense for kids

We do not teach fighting, but we do teach self-defense. 

Our 40 years of experience have proven that kids can learn effective martial arts. Things don't need to be dumbed down and kids don't need to be bribed with belts, stripes, special clubs and other gimmicks. We have produced many exceptional young martial artists who have then moved on to college with practical skills, confidence and healthy habits.

Our philosophy emphasizes self-control and self-awareness. We help kids understand that thoughtful work produces valuable results and that they have the ability to accomplish meaningful things. 

Our classes are taught with patience, kindness and professionalism and this is what has kept us going for decades. We strive to provide a meaningful martial arts education that will provide life-long memories, character development and life skills.


Teen karate classes
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Every Martial Arts School is Different

Our curriculum consists of skills that we learned in Okinawa, Japan and personally brought to Rhode Island. The things that we teach can't be found anywhere else in the state.

We have carefully monitored the development of our students and made incremental refinements throughout our 40 years of teaching, introducing the right skills at the right stage of development. This allows your child to progress with efficiency and to develop effective skills in the shortest time possible.

Every martial arts school claims to teach self-defense but few actually do. What passes as 'self defense' training is usually buried beneath a time-wasting curriculum filled with forms (choreography), tournament preparation and other things that have little to do with self-protection.

We have been here for decades because
what we do, works.