Teen and Youth Classes

  • Small Class Size

  • Personalized Instruction

  • Practical Skills

  • No Contracts

  • No Gimmicks

Our Environment

We are about learning and not just entertainment. Our environment is calm, quiet and supportive and we provide personalized and patient instruction for each student. 

We encourage kids to work, to think, and to find answers from within. We never yell or demand. 

And, while our youth/teens classes provide structure, we also have fun and kids often form lasting friendships. 

We are currently only accepting youth age 10 and up.

Our methods-

  • teach practical self-defense

  • improve listening skills

  • encourage initiative

  • build confidence

  • improve coordination

  • provide year round physical activity

  • are fun and challenging!

Our philosophy emphasizes self-control and self-awareness. We help kids understand that thoughtful work produces valuable results and that they have the ability to solve problems and accomplish meaningful things. 

The confidence gained through proper instruction can change lives. 

Our classes are taught with patience, kindness and professionalism. Maybe we are the right place for your child or teen!


We do not teach fighting, but we do teach self-defense. 

Our 40 years of experience have proven that kids can learn effective martial arts. It needs to be taught appropriately for their ability but it doesn't need to be dumbed down. Students learn that they can have fun while working hard. And they don't need to be bribed with belts, stripes, special clubs and other gimmicks.