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How big are classes?
Classes range from 6 to 14 people per class.

Is it safe?
A warmup at the start of class, along with an emphasis on proper body mechanics and controlled exercises, keeps our training as safe as practical. Only as your skill increases will you be incrementally exposed to greater challenges. 

Do I need to be in shape?
No, you will start off slowly and gradually gain improved fitness.

Can I try a class?
We find that watching a class gives a better idea of the scope of our practice. While watching we will answer your questions and help you to understand what you are seeing. We do not allow trial classes. If you still aren't sure after watching (as many as you like) you may sign up for a month of classes (since we don't use contracts) and this will truly give you a feel for what we teach and how you will learn.

Are you beginner friendly?
We love beginners! We are enthusiastic about what we are doing and we all enjoy sharing and helping new people fit in and get off to a good start.

Will I be doing a lot of 'forms"?
No. Our practice is hands on so that you can develop functional skills. We do practice forms in our weapons classes, however, as that is a safe and traditional way to learn movements. 

Do I have to yell?
The yell (Kiai) that is associated with karate is not part of our practice because we don't teach karate! Our environment is actually quiet and calm.

Am I too old?
Most of our students begin in their 30's and 40's. Some begin in their 50's. You just have to be patient with yourself and start off slowly. You can do this!

Do I need a uniform.
Yes. We do not allow street clothes for safety (zippers, snaps, etc...) and for cleanliness. We practice in clothing used only for martial arts. Our uniform is also helpful for practice since we grab and pull on clothing.

Will I have to compete?
No. We do not engage in any sport martial arts. Rule-based competition is incompatible with our practice.

Are classes strict and regimented?
No! The nature of our style of martial art encourages a relaxed, but respectful, atmosphere. We don't yell and you don't have to be concerned about strict formalities.

How often should I attend?
We highly reccomend attending at least two classes per week though we do have some students who come only once a week and they still make substantial progress.

Will I be asked to sign a contract?
No! Contracts are never in the students best interest and they are not necessary. Pay month to month!

Straight from Okinawa to You!
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