Practical skills, Fitness, Self- Improvement and Fun!


Weapons classes are a great way to stay off the couch and get a moderate workout while learning new and challenging skills.

You do not need any martial arts experience and you may join our weapons classes without joining other classes.

We provide instruction in kenjutsu (Japanese swordsmanship and kobujutsu (traditional weapons of Okinawa).

Classes are safe and fun. Movements are uncomplicated and easy to learn but challenging to master! 

Avoid fake weapons arts...

Many schools teach 'made-up' weapons moves.

They are for 'show' and are typically without the correct principles, technique and functionality of

historical weapon arts.  


Here is a peek into some of my personal training with Taira sensei and Takamiyagi sensei. The weapons arts that you learn at Kodokai Dojo are absolutely legit. 

We offer training in the two weapons systems that I personally learned in Okinawa.

                                   Udundi Kobujutsu

Udundi Kobujutsu, being the martial arts of the ruling family, includes weapons that were not available to commoners. The katana (samurai sword), straight swords, naginata and broadswords are examples of this.


Udundi was a battlefield art and, therefore, has unique strategies and skills for dealing with multiple attackers. Udundi was also a bodyguard art and includes many forms of restraint and non-lethal use of weapons.


I was taught by Masters Takamiyagi Tetsuo and Taira Ryoshu and I am a 5th degree black belt authorized to teach this method.

Taira sensei

Odo Kobujutsu

Odo Kobujutsu is one of the more diverse weapons systems of Okinawa. It employs practical strategies and powerful techniques. 


Odo Kobujutsu represents the lifelong work of Odo Seikichi who researched various methods of weapon usage under the tuteledge of masters Matayoshi, Toma, Kakazu, Nakamura and Seiko.


I learned directly from Odo and was awarded every rank, starting as a white belt, up to 8th degree black belt, directly from him.

Odo sensei

Kenjutsu or Kendo?

There is a difference!

Many people call us seeking kendo classes. We do not teach kendo- there is no kendo in the Rhode Island area.

Kendo is a modern sport while Kenjutsu is an ancient martial art. Kendo was created from kenjutsu.

Kenjutsu is not a sport. It is designed to strike down an armed opponent who is trying to kill you. Our targets and techniques are different from kendo and we do not 'fence'. My teacher, Taira sensei, was taught by Uehara sensei who actually used his sword skills during WWII. 

Our kenjutsu is authentic, practical and ruthlessly efficient.