'All is Ken.' 

 'Everything is a Sword'                                      

                                    - My teacher, Taira sensei

Of course no one carries a sword but the strategies, tactics and techniques of the sword can apply to anything you can get your hands on.

kenjutsu is not kendo
Kenjutsu with Taira Sensei, Okinawa.

Weapons classes are a great way to get a moderate workout while learning new and challenging skills.

You do not need any martial arts experience and you may join our weapons classes without joining other classes.

Kobujutsu is a term used to describe weapons arts.

Kenjutsu refers to sword based martial arts.

We teach both!

Why Join Kodokai Dojo?

Sure, every school offers a few token weapons forms (choreographed routines). But too often, these forms are simply 'made-up' and are not in any way related to historical weapons arts. They are performing arts, not martial arts. 

At Kodokai you will learn from an instructor who is ranked 8th degree black belt in weapons (kobujutsu) under Seikichi Odo and 5th degree black belt in weapons under Takamiyagi Tetsuo. We offer in-depth instruction in historical weapons systems- enough to keep you learning through a lifetime. Our experience and qualifications in authentic Okinawan weapons arts allows us to teach a depth and breadth of skills that few schools can offer. For instance, there is no other school around where you can learn the Okinawan sword arts.

martial arts weapons training Okinawa

1978, Shudokan Dojo, Okinawa

where I began.

My first weapons teacher, Seikichi Odo,

on the left, practicing with kama (sickle) against tonfa.

We focus on function.

While we offer instruction in over 20 different weapons, your first year of training is focused on practical use of the katana (a.k.a. samurai sword) and bo (six foot staff). 

As you continue to study you will learn diverse skills with a wide array of weapons as you broaden and deepen your knowledge of the sword and staff.

martial arts weapons teacher


Here is a peek into some of my personal instruction with Taira sensei and Takamiyagi sensei. The weapons arts that you learn at Kodokai Dojo are absolutely legit and come straight from the source. 

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Absolutely Authentic Weapons Arts Straight From The Source

                                   Udundi Kobujutsu

Udundi Kobujutsu, the martial arts of the former ruling family, includes weapons that were not available to commoners. The katana, straight swords, naginata and broadswords are examples of this.


Udundi was a battlefield art and, therefore, has unique strategies and skills for dealing with multiple attackers. Udundi was also a bodyguard art and includes many forms of restraint and non-lethal use of weapons making it a very practical method.


I was taught by Masters Takamiyagi Tetsuo and Taira Ryoshu and I am a 5th degree black belt authorized to teach this method.

Taira sensei

katana, Japanese sword

Odo Kobujutsu

Odo Kobujutsu is one of the more diverse weapons systems of Okinawa. It employs practical strategies and powerful techniques. 


This style represents the lifelong work of my teacher, Odo Seikichi, who researched various methods of weapon usage under the tuteledge of masters Matayoshi, Toma, Kakazu, Nakamura and Seiko.


I learned directly from Odo sensei and was awarded every rank, starting as a white belt, up to 8th degree black belt, directly from him.

Odo Sensei

kendo, kenjutsu- sword training in Rhode Island
bo staff class
bo staff class
two sword method

Nakamura House, Okinawa


or Kendo?

There is a difference!

Many people call us seeking kendo classes. We do not teach kendo and there are no kendo schools in Rhode Island.

Kendo is a modern sport developed from the ancient art of Kenjutsu (we teach 


Since 'fencing' (point sparring) is a significant part of kendo, many rules, aiming points and techniques have been modified or abandoned in order to make the sport safe. 


Kenjutsu does not include sparring which would require changes that would decrease its' lethality and practical effectiveness.

Our weapons classes are some of our most popular offerings.

If you are interested in a different, challenging, fun and practical way to keep mentally and physically active send us a message to learn more. Kobujutsu is a practice that can keep you fit and interested for a lifetime.

We require proof of full Covid vaccination for all adult classes.
katana, Japanese sword instructor