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What We Teach

Our specialty is known as the 'bodyguard' martial art developed centuries ago to protect the royal family on Okinawa. It is called Udundi, or Palace Hand. Seldom seen outside Japan this rare style offers a practicality that makes it ideal for todays world.


To those unfamiliar with Palace Hand it appears to be a mix of karate, aikido and ju-jitsu, though it is none of these. It is this diversity and fluidity that makes Palace Hand unique, fun to learn and incredibly versatile.


Palace Hand instruction is based on 'hands on' practice (rather than 'forms') with partners so that skills are understood and developed quickly. 


We require proof of full Covid vaccination for participation in our teen-adult classes. 

About Palace Hand
Motobu Udundi Teachers
My Palace Hand teachers,
Taira and Takamiyagi Sensei's.


Palace Hand does not rely upon strength.

It is ideal for anyone who may face a larger or stronger attacker.

Palace Hand is specialized for dealing with multiple attackers. 

Most martial arts are designed for one-against-one. 


Learn to defend against a weapon and to use anything as a weapon. 

Palace Hand was a battlefield art designed to deal with weapons.

Diverse skills- not just punching and kicking.

Palace Hand includes, throws, chokes, joint locks along with strikes.

Palace Hand tactics are designed to neutralize the attacker in one move.

This is a necessity for dealing with multiple attackers.

Techniques can be effective causing minimum harm or be escalated to instantly become destructiveThe gives a degree of control that is lacking in many martial arts styles.

self-defense for women

Leverage, timing and angles rather than strength.

Every school claims to offer 'self-defense', but few instructors actually have any self-defense experience. Often, what passes for self-defense is impractical and only an occasional part of instruction.
Our method is designed to incrementally build your abilities, fitness and agility. We focus of teaching you properly, with depth and attention to detail. We want you to get it right!
Palace Hand uses relaxed natural body movements. There is no need to be strong (we don't use strength) flexible or young. Many of our students begin in their 30's, 40's and 50's.

Our dojo environment is relaxed and supportive. Because we work together rather than competing against each other, learning comes quickly.

If you've always wanted to learn martial arts this is a great style to jump into. It is a method that avoids extremes; you don't need to kick high, you don't need to stretch for years in order to perform well, you won't learn to 'take a punch' by unhealthy body conditioning. Movements are smooth and easy on the joints. You will learn to develop awareness of your body and to move with fluidity and efficiency. 

What are classes like?

Members in our Teen/adult classes range from mature teens to adults of all ages. Students are women, men and non-binary  Beginner classes introduce you to practical skills quickly while improving your physical fitness safely and moderately.

Classes begin with a brief meditation followed by a quick warmup of stretching and loosening exercises. This is usually followed with striking practice on pads and other targets. 

We then switch to hands-on practice with partners where you learn take-downs, joint locks, escapes from grabs, etc...

Class ends with another brief meditation. We strive to have you finish class feeling better than when you arrived!

Motobu udundi
karate class

As you gain experience you will be exposed to more challenging skills, a faster pace, and additional techniques. You will advance at your own pace as your skill and fitness level allow. Palace Hand is relatively quick to learn and be effective. 


So, step away from your computer, get out of your seat, enjoy some new friends. Move your body, awaken your mind and get them in synch! 

This ancient art offers you a way of life with many unexpected benefits!


Women in Martial Arts

It is a sad truth that women need to be concerned about assault. I personally have known many women who have been assaulted.


If you are seeking martial arts for self-defense it is essential that you choose a school with a method that will work against someone bigger and stronger, and a school that doesn't have the attitude of a men's club. 

In the last 20 years, 48% of our students who have made it to the black belt level have been female.


You can do this and we can show you how.

We require proof of full Covid vaccination for adult classes.

Have any questions?

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