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Proven techniques

These photos illustrate our typical practice, but, due to Covid, we will focus on no-contact training for now.

We are different. 


Kodokai Dojo provides training in a martial art rarely seen outside of Okinawa. We were the first school outside Japan dedicated to the practical art of Palace Hand, the original 'bodyguard' method of the royal family in old Okinawa. 


This style is very practical for today's self-defense needs while also designed to help students develop a calm mind, strong spirit and fit body. 

Noncompetitive - Go at Your Own Pace

Our environment is relaxed and supportive. And though we are serious about your learning, we try to have fun. Respect is the cornerstone of martial arts practice and you can expect to be well treated.
We are a small dojo focused on providing a quality experience with a minimum of commercialization. 

Women in Martial Arts

It is a sad truth that women need to be concerned about assault. I personally have known many women who have been assaulted, and this violence is mostly done by men.


If you are seeking martial arts for self-defense purposes it is essential that you choose a school with a method that will work for you against someone bigger and stronger, and a school that doesn't have the attitude of a men's club. 

Our female students have proven that Palace Hand is a superb martial art for any women seeking practical skills.


You can do this and we can show you how.


Instead of relying on strength or athleticism, Palace Hand teaches you to use leverage, timing, balance breaking and other tactics to take advantage of the attackers force.

Most martial arts are designed for one-aginst-one sporting contests. Sport karate, MMA, Brazilian ju-jitsu, Muay Thai, Tae kwon do and judo are examples of this. Palace Hand, however, was designed for the battlefield and is specialized for multiple attacker situations. 

Sport martial arts are not self-defense training. They may be marketed as 'traditional' or self-defense, but this is very misleading.


Takamiyagi sensei visiting Kodokai Dojo
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When searching for a martial arts school it is important to consider the credentials of the teacher. Where did they learn? Who taught them?

In many cases the instructors' experience consists of nothing more than taking lessons in their nearby strip mall karate school


Also, beware that many instructors have no actual self-defense experience yet, somehow, they feel qualified to teach you self-defense. 

You can do better. Remember...


 A teacher can't teach you what they don't know.

That's me. 1978, Nago, Okinawa.

Testing before the masters.

My lessons with Takamiyagi sensei covered everything!

Athi Plains, Kenya, I was asked to do a demonstration to discourage 'shifta' (bandits) from attacking camp.


My Teachers visiting Kodokai Dojo.

These are the people who taught me the things I will teach you.

Takamiyagi Tetsuo

Taira & Takamiyagi 

Taira Ryusho

Odo Seikichi

You don't need any experience to begin. You don't have to be young, flexible, or in shape and you won't get lost in the crowd. Classes are small and personalized.

Palace Hand is also a great style for those with previous training. Many of your old skills will fit right in and you will certainly learn a lot of new material to compliment those skills.

You can do this!

Master Odo, my karate and weapons teacher.

Have any questions?

Practicing with Master Odo in 2002 in the dojo

where I first learned karate in the 1970's.