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What We Teach

The style you will learn at Kodokai Dojo, known as the 'bodyguard' martial art, was developed centuries ago to protect the royal family on Okinawa. It is called Udundi, meaning Palace Hand. Because this rare style was unavailable outside Japan until we established it here in Rhode Island, it has not suffered from the over-commercialization that has diminished so many other styles. 


At first glance Palace Hand appears to be a mixed art with the the power of karate, fluidity of aikido, and joint locks and throws of ju-jitsu, but it was created centuries before those arts came into existence. 

Tuidi- Okinawa's original martial arts.

Palace Hand falls into a category of martial art called 'tuidi' (too- ee- dee).

It is actually very different from karate, both in appearance and practice. Karate, and it's offshoots (kenpo, taekwondo, etc...)  are modern arts with the practice of 'forms' (choreographed movements) as a main practice method. Tuidi, in contrast, is a hands-on practice with very liitle use of forms or other regimented practices. 

Tuidi emphasizes the use of joint locks, throws, weapons, as well as strikes,  to subdue an attacker. Tuidi is a soft style and does not rely on the use of physical strength.

Tuidi is rarely available outside of Okinawa.

About Palace Hand
Motobu Udundi Teachers
My Palace Hand teachers,
Taira and Takamiyagi Sensei's.


Palace Hand does not rely upon strength.

It is ideal for anyone who may face a larger or stronger attacker.

Palace Hand is specialized for multiple attackers. 

Most martial arts are designed for one-against-one sporting contests.


Learn to defend against a weapon and to use anything as a weapon. 

Palace Hand was a battlefield art specialized for dealing with weapons.

Diverse skills- not just punching and kicking.

Palace Hand includes, throws, chokes, joint locks and strikes.

Palace Hand uses simultaneous offense and defense.

Very few styles have this level of efficiency.

Techniques can be effective while causing minimum harm or they may be escalated to instantly become destructive. The gives a degree of control that is lacking in many martial arts styles. It isn't just about pummeling your adversary.

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Leverage, timing and angles rather than strength.

Our Teaching Philosophy

1. Our classes are not just for the athletic.

Anyone can benefit and we strive to help everyone succeed.

2. Classes should be fun.

While we take your training seriously, we know that people learn faster and

perform better when they are comfortable.

3. Movements should support good health.

We teach the use of proper mechanics and natural movement. Martial arts practice should make you healthier and not cause damage to your body.

4. Progress at your own pace.
Everyone learns differently. Some people will practice, other won't.  Some need more time, others need less. We are optimized for individualized teaching within a group setting.

You don't have to be concerned about 'keeping up' with anyone. 

What are classes like?

Members in our Teen/adult classes range from mature teens to adults of all ages. Beginner classes introduce you to practical skills quickly while improving your physical fitness. Classes are one hour long.

Classes begin with a brief meditation followed by a quick warmup of stretching and loosening exercises. This is usually followed with striking practice on pads and other targets. 

We then switch to hands-on practice with partners where you learn take-downs, joint locks, throws, escapes from grabs, weapons defense, etc...

Class ends with another brief meditation. At this point you will have completed a great whole body workout including plenty of cardio conditioning! 

Motobu udundi
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As you gain experience you will be exposed to more challenging skills, a faster pace, and additional techniques. You will advance at your own pace as your skill and fitness level allow. Palace Hand is relatively quick to learn and make effective. 


So, step away from your computer, get out of your seat, enjoy some new friends. Move your body, awaken your mind and get them in synch! 

This ancient art offers you a way of life with many unexpected benefits!


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A Few Things Worth Knowing...

As a member of our dojo you will be taught the mechanics, philosophy, tactics and strategies that I learned in Okinawa. This method is about developing your movement, thinking, timing and knowledge so that you are able to move smoothly and efficiently and so that your techniques compliment each other and flow freely. In other words, you will be learning a true martial art and it will be a different practice that what you will find in commercialized schools.

We don't practice sport martial arts. Don't expect to be free-sparring, though we may do some as a training tool from time to time.

We use colored belts to organize our students into classes based upon skill level. Belts are not our focus, skill development is our focus.


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