I'll be your teacher at Kodokai Dojo and I offer you a different type of martial arts experience.


I had the good fortune to study martial arts in the land where they were created, Okinawa, Japan.

Lessons took place everywhere- on beaches, busy sidewalks, small private 'hole-in-the-wall' dojo's and among castle ruins.

These experiences shaped my perception of what martial arts practice should be like. 

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I began my martial arts study in 1978 while serving in the Marine Corps and stationed in Okinawa. My teacher was Seikichi Odo. Born in 1926, his karate and weaponry were a window into the old ways.


I received every promotion, to my current rank of 8th degree black belt, personally from Master Odo.

Odo passed away in 2002 and I began to study a type of ju-jitsu called Ryukyu Udundi (Palace Hand). I was eventually awarded 4th degree black belt from Taira Ryoshu, and, eight years later, 5th degree black belt from Takamiyagi Tetsuo.


My teachers provided me with a well-rounded eduction, not just technical proficiency. We frequently visited other martial arts masters and often sat and chatted of history, philosophy and strategy. My teachers arranged for my participation in Tea ceremonies, memorial services, shrine visits and traditional dance.

Each of my teachers also came to Rhode Island to visit us (Takamiyagi sensei has come 6 times) and many of my students have travelled to Okinawa to experience this unique training. 



My teachers and some training pics from the last 40 years.

This rare access to Okinawan masters is what makes Kodokai different. While our methods are grounded in time-tested martial arts, I am also informed by my training and experience in the Marine Corps. Our methods are practical, proven and functional todays self-protection needs.


I have a B.A. in Anthropology and another in Communications which help me to understand,  interpret and present these great cultural resources so that they are useful to you.

  •          U.S. Marine Corps- Security experience in the US, Europe, and Asia.

  • 8th degree black belt- Okinawa Kenpo Kobujutsu under Seikichi Odo.

  • 8th degree black belt in Shorin-ryu Seidokan Karate under Toma Seiki.

  • 5th degree black belt in Motobu Udundi (Palace Hand) under Ryoshu Taira and Tetsuo Takamiyagi. 

  • US representative of the Gudokan Dojo, Koza, Okinawa.

  • A lifelong student with 40 years of helping people just like you!

My wife, Kimberly, also teaches at Kodokai. Kimberly is ranked third degree black belt in karate and 4th degree in Motobu Udundi (awarded by Master Takamiyagi Tetsuo). Kim has an advanced degree in Education and is an invaluable resource to our students.

By choosing Kodokai, you'll experience a cultural treasure, develop reliable self-defense skills, and realize the many benefits that you won't get at a McDojo.