You probably have some questions...

On this page we will cover two topics.

  1. Is this a good time to begin?

  2. What steps are we taking to keep you safe?

Take a look at our dojo procedures!

Takamiyagi sensei with one of our young students.

Should I really join now?

Small class size. 

We have always provided personalized instruction, but now it's even better!


We currently limit indoor classes to only 7 students!

With two instructors you will receive highly personalized instruction suited for precisely your own pace! This arrangement keeps students about 10'- 12' apart!

Practice at home.

You can come in for frequent classes if you like, however, some may prefer to do most of their practice at home and attend limited in-person classes so we can review your progress and keep you moving forward.

Reduce stress levels!

Covid 19 has made things stressful, both for children and adults. Stress impairs the immune system and can cause physical and psychological problems. Our mediation methods and philosophical practice can help you become calm, mindful and centered.


Learn practical skills!

The rise in civil unrest, political polarization and violence is disturbing. Learning practical skills can boost your confidence in being able to take care of yourself and your family.

Stay off the couch.

We know what cooler weather means. It is hard to stay active and easy to put on weight. Instead, get fit, increase your agility and energize yourself while learning new skills and meeting new friends!

Our Covid 19 protocols.

While it has become evident that some schools are not taking this situation seriously, we are going to great lengths to protect our students and ourselves. In most cases students will be about 10' -12' apart.

Here are some of the other things we are doing.

We have increased ventilation bringing in plenty of fresh air.


Students sign-up for classes in advance to control class size.

Students are screened and required to sanitize their hands, go strait to the shelves to leave their coat and shoes and then will be directed to their designated training space where they will remain throughout the class.


Everyone is required to wear a properly fitted mask while in the building, removed only for taking a drink.

Training is non-contact until we can do so safely. (This is a great time to build good fundamentals!)

Students are to arrive wearing workout clothing. Only one changing room will be available for those who must change at the dojo. 

People will be dismissed from the class individually to reduce congregating.


We have scheduled a half hour between classes so equipment, mats, and high contact area's can be sanitized. 

There is more, of course, as we are following all of the state guidelines. We will provide you further details before you attend.

We have always strived to maintain a clean facility and to help our members stay healthy, happy and active!