Palace Hand 
Kenjutsu & Iaido
Classical Weapons
The only martial arts school in Rhode Island with an instructor who was trained in Okinawa.

United States Representative of the Gudokan Dojo, Koza, Okinawa.

Authenticity Makes Your Experience Different.

Practical Training

We teach old school self-defense, not sport martial arts. You won't get a trophy here.

Fun & Safe
Get whole-body fitness and leave classes feeling better than you arrived.

A workout you'll enjoy!

Mind, Body  & Spirit

Develop calm, confidence and a resilient spirit.

Integrity & Trust

Unmatched credentials, actual self defense experience, and over 40 years of teaching... you won't have to wonder if you picked a legitimate school.

With Taira Sensei, Okinawa

Welcome to Kodokai Dojo!

Many years ago, as a U.S. Marine, I was stationed in the best place in the world for martial arts study- Okinawa, Japan. 

Learning martial arts in the land where they were created offered me access to time-tested martial arts grounded in a rich history, adaptable to todays world and like nothing else you will find in Rhode Island.

Training You Can Trust

In the 40 years I've been teaching in northern Rhode Island

countless schools have come and gone. 

We are still here because we offer something real, meaningful and worthwhile.   

What to expect...


Practical self-defense. We do not teach sport martial arts.

Holistic training for the mind, body & spirit.


A clean, safe, noncompetitive environment.


Absolutely authentic martial arts.


Kindness, respect and integrity.

What we are not about...

We are not about belts, belt stripes or plastic trophies.


We do not use payment contracts.


We don't do birthday parties to recruit members.


We are not a chain, franchise or belt factory.


We do not have child black belts.


We don't break boards.

We don't do 'demo team' cheerleader routines or gymnastics.

We don't use high-pressure sales tactics.

Authentic martial arts - Unmatched credentials.

Toma Seiki

These are my teachers. They  taught me the things that I will share with you.

Many places refer to their facility as a 'karate' school when, in fact, they don't actually teach karate. Don't be fooled.


Karate comes from Okinawa. It is a powerful, practical, time-tested self-defense method. I know it works well because I have used it and several of my students have defended themselves.


If you are looking for something realproven, functional and absolutely authentic, we are the school you've been looking for.

Odo Seikichi

Taira Ryusho

Takamiyagi Tetsuo

au·then·tic  /ôˈTHen(t)ik/


1.   of undisputed origin; genuine

2.   conforming to an original so as to reproduce essential features

Learn the real thing. You may need it someday.

175 Eddie Dowling Hwy.

North Smithfield, RI 02896


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