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Welcome to Rhode Island's authentic martial arts dojo where you will learn from the only teacher in the state who was trained in Okinawa, Japan!

Enjoy patient, supportive instruction designed to help you or your children gain skills and confidence for effective self-protection.

Get in shape, step away from your computer and make some new friends!

  • Self protection- not tournament martial arts

  • An authentic practice for the mind, body & spirit

  • Small class size, noncompetitive

  • Improve agility, fitness, balance, flexibility

  • No contracts, pay month to month

Our personalized approach to your training allows you to go at your own pace to insure that you develop skills that work.


With our unmatched credentials and over 40 years of experience you can trust that you are receiving the highest quality instruction and absolutely authentic training.


Instead of choreographed forms, point sparring and tournaments, we focus on functional skills. 

Our main focus is on stand-up skills; strikes, throws and joint locks. Our students learn how to defend against a wide range of attacks including multiple attackers and attackers using a weapon. We also teach jiu-jitsu so our students know how to defend themselves should they find themselves on the ground. 


Youth Classes
Our youth classes are taught with kindness and patience. We strive to build self-confidence in a fun, calm and structured environment. With our classes, your child can learn valuable life skills that will help them stay safe and feel empowered. They will begin to learn self-defense skills on their first day of class and every other day as well!

We offer classes for teens, and classes for ages 8-12.

Welcome to Kodokai Dojo!


I'll be your teacher at Kodokai.

Years ago, while serving in the Marines, I began my martial arts training while I was stationed on the island of Okinawa, Japan.

Over the years, I returned to Okinawa several times to further my studies. My teachers also travelled to Rhode Island to help us bring these arts to America.

With extensive training on Okinawa, actual self-defense encounters, and diverse security assignments in America, Africa, Europe and Asia, I offer you proven martial arts informed by decades of real-world experience. If you are looking for friendly, practical, straightforward teaching, without the ego and competition of sport martial arts, we may be the place you've been looking for!

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Trusted Training

teen martial arts

With over 40 years of teaching in northern Rhode Island we have seen countless schools come and go.


We have stood the test of time by providing our students with meaningful skills, teaching with kindness and patience, and providing an environment welcoming to all. 

Our reputation for integrity, value, and quality instruction have made us a trusted resource for students from all over Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts.

We have been in the same location for 23 years- only 15 minutes from Providence and easy to reach just off rt. 146.

History & Experience Matters

Our instruction is informed by over four decades of experience including extensive training under world-class masters, my experiences in the Marine Corps, and actual self-defense situations.


This experience

  • provides you with proven techniques

  • offers you diverse skills for a wide range of self-defense situations

  • keeps the focus on practical training skills

  • provides depth of knowledge rather than superficial theory

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Straight from Okinawa to you.

We aren't about belts, tournaments or breaking boards. Our 'old-school' martial arts remain true to their original purpose- self protection. They have proven reliable to me and many of my students.

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A Workout You Can Enjoy

We all need exercise but the gym can so boring! Rather than uplifting your mind and spirit it can be drudgery. And we need at least three exercise sessions a week!

Our students often comment on how class clears their mind of all the stress and noise of everyday life. This is no small benefit as it allows you to 'reset' and leave the dojo feeling happy, relaxed and and more like the person you want to be. 


The process of learning self protection skills presents a challenge to the mind while providing a whole body workout and benefits you in ways you won't, at first, realize. The agility, flexibility, strength, and coordination improvements that you can realize through our classes are hard to match in the gym. If you want truly 'functional fitness' we have it here!






                     Do something you'll love!

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If you are searching for a martial arts school one great way to see what you can expect is to take a scroll through their facebook page. 

If sporting competitions and belt awards dominate the postings you'll know that these are priorities of the school. If content from outside sources fill the pages, the depth of knowledge you need from the instructor may be absent. 

If the focus is on the students you will see that the dojo members are the schools priority.

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175 Eddie Dowling Hwy.

North Smithfield, RI 02896

This is the best way to reach us!

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(401) 678-2148

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