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Fitness, Self-protection, Confidence

At Kodokai Dojo we offer unique training that we personally studied in Okinawa, Japan.

We focus on practical self-defense with techniques that do not rely upon strength or size.


Noncompetitive training and you pay one month at a time- no contracts!

With 45 years of teaching we have the credentials and experience to help you achieve your goals.

You've always wanted to learn martial arts...


Why wait?

Brazilian ju-jitsu, BJJ
Empower yourself with knowledge and skill.
self defense for women
self protection, martial arts
Improve cardio, agility, flexibility, and coordination.
Self defense, not sport martial arts!
Learn skills to protect your loved ones.
Brazilian Jyu-jitsu
self defense
self defense classes
Our emphasis on self protection. 

We do not practice sport martial arts.
No 'forms', tournaments, or trophies- just practical skills.

Our focus is to provide our members with safe,
effective, sensible self defense.
Learn to avoid, escape or counter dangerous situations.
self-defense for women
Being Strong is not the Same as Being Healthy

We all need exercise but the gym can so boring and does nothing to uplift your mind and spirit. And strength training won't keep you flexible, agile, quick, and calm. Aging will naturally try to rob you of your capabilities and our holistic approach to fitness can change your trajectory.

Our students often comment on how class clears their mind of the stress and noise of everyday life. This is no small benefit as it allows you to 'reset' and leave the dojo feeling good, relaxed and and more like the person you want to be. 


If you want truly 'functional fitness' do something you'll love!


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175 Eddie Dowling Hwy.

North Smithfield, RI 02896

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The one thing that we hear over and over again is...


I wish I had started this sooner!

We often can't get to the phone.

This is the best way to contact us!

(401) 678-2148

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