(Japanese Sword)

  • Self protection- not 'tournament karate'.

  • Small class size, noncompetitive.

  • No contracts, pay month to month.

  • Learn from the only instructor in Rhode Island who was trained in Japan.

  • A trusted school in the same location for more than 20 years.

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We provide instruction in old school martial arts that we personally studied in Okinawa, Japan. 

We focus on development of functional self-defense skills. We do not teach 'sport' martial arts.

Enjoy a holistic 'mind, body & spirit' approach to your fitness and self development. 

Classes are fun, noncompetitive, and a great way to stay active. Our dojo offers a community where people enjoy learning together and share in each others success. 

Specializing in the rare art of Motobu Udundi Kobujutsu.

Welcome to Kodokai Dojo!


I'll be your teacher at Kodokai.

Years ago, while serving in the Marines, I learned martial arts while I was stationed on the island of Okinawa, Japan- the tiny island where karate was created.

Over the years, I returned to Okinawa several times to further my studies. My incredible masters also travelled to Rhode Island to continue to pass on their arts. 

With extensive training on Okinawa, actual self-defense encounters, and diverse security assignments in America, Africa, Europe and Asia, I offer you proven martial arts informed by over 40 years of real-world experience.

Okinawan karate classes

Decades of Trusted Training

Okinawan weapons, sai, iaido, nunchaku, naginata

With over 40 years of teaching in northern Rhode Island we have seen countless schools come and go.


We have stood the test of time by staying true to our arts, staying focused on practical skills, and providing a community where people can grow, laugh, improve their health, and feel a sense of belonging.

Our reputation for integrity, value and quality instruction have made us a trusted resource for students from all over Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts.


History matters.

Actual self-defense situations that we and our students have encountered, along with the instruction we have received from our world-class masters have prepared us to serve you.


Decades of teaching all kinds of people has allowed us to refine our teaching methods. You will benefit from this experience by enjoying safer classes, learning practical skills, and working through a curriculum that is unlike anything else around.

Straight from Okinawa to you.

Our authentic martial arts were developed in the rich culture of Okinawa. More than just fighting arts, they offer a way of life and a philosophy for self-development.


Many of our students find that martial arts offer a way of life conducive to better health, inner-peace, a confident demeanor, and a positive outlook. And it's a great way to make new friends!

Oknawa- Land of Karate
Okinawan culture

Kodokai Dojo is the
United States Representative of the
Gudokan Dojo, Koza, Okinawa.

kenjutsu, iaido, iaijutsu
Okinawa martial arts
karate from Okinawa
Traditional Okinawa


We don't do birthday parties or dodgeball.
We aren't about trophies, belts or breaking boards.
We teach authentic martial arts with no added ingredients!



With extensive 
study in Okinawa, actual self defense experience, Marine Corps training, and four decades of teaching, our credentials are unmatched.


We don't yell, we encourage. We value kindness and we help each other to learn.

Classes are small and calm and our dojo is clean and spacious. 


Our methods do not rely upon strength and enable a smaller person to handle a larger and stronger attacker.
Learn to defend yourself standing, sitting or on the ground. Learn skills that inspire confidence.

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We recommend full Covid vaccination before participating in classes. 

175 Eddie Dowling Hwy.

North Smithfield, RI 02896


(401) 678-2148