The only school in Rhode Island with a teacher who was trained in Okinawa.

Practical Self-defense

Japanese Sword & Weapons Arts



Kodokai is open!

We take safety seriously and follow strict Covid 19 protocals.

Welcome to Kodokai Dojo!

Many years ago, as a U.S. Marine, I was stationed in the best place in the world for martial arts study- Okinawa, Japan. This is where I began a lifetime of learning and sharing proven, practical self-defense skills.  
As you search for a martial arts school you will notice that many schools, lacking anything meaningful to show, use slick generic websites preloaded with photos and text. What you see and read has little to do with what you will experience. And, the teachers credentials, the most important consideration when choosing a school, are a topic avoided or seldom backed by evidence.
Read our story and understand the benefits of authentic training. 

Gudokan Dojo, Okinawa

Kodokai Dojo is the U.S. Representative

of the Gudokan Dojo, Okinawa, Japan.

Takamiyagi sensei operates the Gudokan Dojo.

He is a master teacher of Motobu Udundi Kobujutsu and Shorin-ryu Karate Kobudo.

Training You Can Trust

Teaching authentic martial arts in northern Rhode island for more than 40 years!

What we are not about...

We are not about belts or plastic trophies.

We do not use payment contracts- pay one month at a time.

We don't do birthday parties, lazer tag, or games.

We don't break boards.

Here is what you can expect...

A welcoming, relaxed, noncompetitive atmosphere.

Absolutely authentic martial arts.

In-depth personalized instruction.

Experienced teachers with unmatched credentials.

Focused training to make the most of your time.

A holistic approach to help you become healthier, more agile, more supple and more calm.

Read our story.
Understand the difference.
Choose wisely.
Absolutely authentic martial arts.

175 Eddie Dowling Hwy.

North Smithfield, RI 02896

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