Authentic Weapons Training from Okinawa, Japan



Interested in learning to use weapons? Here is your chance!


You don't need previous martial arts training. You can jump right into our group classes or take private lessons with no previous experience. We'll teach you everything you need to know!


The Difference

Most martial arts schools teach 'tournament' style weapons techniques. They use lightweight imitation weapons made of plastic or aluminum and the moves are designed to be flashy, practical effectiveness is not a consideration.


Our practice is different. As our student you will learn with an emphasis on function. Now, you may not think that 'practicality' makes any sense since you don't carry weapons around with you. But, in reality, anything around you can be a weapon for self-defense. By learning the use of angles, how to use distance effectively, knowing the limitations and strengths of whatever you or your attacker are using as weapons, you'll have some real advantages and skills that matter.


You'll begin by learning the sword and the wood staff (bo). These weapons readily apply to everyday objects that can be used for self-protection

Later, you can move into other types of weapons if you'd like.

Weapons... without Karate

Did you know that there are schools (Dojo) in Japan that teach only weapons?

Well, there are, ...lot's of them! There are schools of kendo, kenjutsu, naginata-do, kobudo and other weapons arts.

In America, however, weapons are usually an 'extra' to some other type of training, like karate, for instance. Few instructors actually have certification to teach weapons. In fact, many of the weapon skills taught locally are simply 'made-up' and not based upon historical arts. 


Your instructor at Kodokai is fully certified, in Japan, to teach two complete weapons styles. You could train for a lifetime at Kodokai and never run out of things to learn.

Taira & Takamiyagi sensei's teaching Udundi Kobujutsu at Kodokai Dojo.



Kenjutsu with Taira sensei, Okinawa, Japan.

Weapon skills are practiced worldwide ... for good reasons!

Weapons practice offers you a great way to experience tons of benefits. Besides providing exercise that's not too intense (and can be practiced into old age), weapons practice can improve your focus, inner-calm, hand/eye coordination, overall agility and dexterity, awareness of your body and more. 

You'll also be practicing 'budo', a martial arts way of life complete with philosophy, etiquette, and a unique mindset. You'll also learn how to use everyday objects as weapons of self protection.

We do not teach kendo, we teach kenjutsu.


So, what's the difference?

Kenjutsu is represented by various 'styles' of swordsmanship from the old days of Japan and the Ryukyu Kingdom (Okinawa). Kendo, on the other hand, is a modern sport developed from several styles of kenjutsu.

Because Kendo is a sport it has strict rules regulating stances, types of cuts (strikes) that may be used, equipment and other aspects of practice...primarily for safety and fair sport. 


Kenjutsu is not a sport. It is designed to kill or defeat an opponent who has a weapon and is trying to kill you. It, therefore, has practice methods, techniques and strategies that are not part of kendo. We don't spar for points or 'sword fight' in kenjutsu.