Basic Techniques

Here you will find an introduction into some basic techniques. 

When people first see Palace Hand they often expect it to look like karate, but Palace Hand isn't karate. It  doesn't use the same stances, blocks or footwork, doesn't use force against force.  In Palace Hand we do not block then counter. We, instead, defend, move off-line, and counter as one movement. 


Palace Hand uses body movement  (tai sabaki) and specialized footwork (nanba aruki) and simultaneous offense/defense (irimi). Appearing to be unprepared, yet being prepared, is part of the technique. 


The video's show basic technique. Of course, strikes can be added at any point if needed and techniques work even better against a resisting opponent! since it is the opponents force you are using! 


Practice only under the supervision of an instructor qualified teach these techniques. These video's are designed to supplement the training of our members.

Techniques can result in serious physical harm.

While they may look gentle, and even ineffective, this is an intentional illusion.