Basic Techniques

Here you will find an introduction into some of the first techniques that you learn as a member of Kodokai. These are from the art of Palace Hand.


Like all of our techniques, they are designed to bring the opponent down with a minimum of moves. They also allow for a controlled takedown yet they have the potential to do great harm if needed. 

One of the characteristics of our practice is that movements should be deceptively effortless. There should be no preparatory stance, no facial expression, no noise from our feet.


Sometimes people who are familiar with other martial arts do not understand our lack of fixed stances or the appearance of a lack of force. We are not fixed into a stance because it is our movement that powers our technique - not muscle strength. There is no shortage of force as techniques use the force generated by our opponent.


If we are using strength we are doing it wrong!


Practice only under the supervision of an instructor qualified teach these techniques. These video's are designed to supplement the training of active members of Kodokai Dojo. 

Techniques can result in serious physical harm.

While they may look gentle, and even ineffective, this is an intentional illusion.