Like many 'old-timers', I began my study of martial arts in the 1970's.


Bruce Lee was making movies, and the Kung-fu series was 'must see' tv. The world was intrigued by these amazing arts. Few of us had actually seen a real live martial arts master in the early days since there weren't any schools around. Most of what we saw was in the media- and it was pretty ridiculous.


So here is a fun peek at some of the early advertisements involving martial arts. Many of these adds were published in comic books. Apparently, they were all aimed at men.

They are unabashedly sexist, and absurd on so many levels.

Be A Real Man!

You could be this guy!

Chuck just turned 80.
Check out these flare leg jeans with the hidden gusset and stretch denim.
Learning from a teacher is challenging, but apparently learning from a record album is easy.
Hai karate aftershave. I have a video from a tv commercial at the bottom of this page.
'Without any bodily contact!'
I don't think Hai Karate commercials would succeed today. I would hope not.