Side Kicks
What could be more fun than sidekick practice!

You are right, nothing!

Here is a short practice video that you can do along with me. It will take less than 10 minutes so do it twice!

If you do this every day you will make a difference in your abilities. Have fun....and I can't wait to see your improvement!

Kassendi San

In this video I demonstrate Kassendi San which is the first kata that we teach in Ryukyu Udundi.

You can use this as a reference if you have just begun to learn this kata or you can use this to learn the kata if you haven't yet had the opportunity.

As you practice try to apply the things that you already know about striking-

  • Keep your head up and your posture tall

  • Hit before you land

  • Point the ball of your foot when kicking

  • Breath naturally

  • Be sure that your feet are silent

  • Stay loose

  • Extend your punches and turn your body

  • Heels up!

    A common problem is that people sometimes twist their wrist too soon when punching, causing the elbow to lift, making the punch inaccurate and signaling that a punch is coming. Be sure to watch for this... twist at the end of your punch.

A good way to practice is to carefully perform the kata paying strict attention to one of these details at a time. For instance, do the kata focussing only on posture throughout the entire kata. Next do the kata insuring that you are completing each punch before you land your foot. Go through the entire list, and finally, try to do the kata with all of these details in mind. With anything you practice, slow is better!
You can do this type of practice in 15 minutes once you have memorized the form. Be patient and have fun!

A simple kata of Motobu Udundi Kobujutsu

Ridge Hand Strike
Here is a review of one of my favorite strikes from karate. It is a very powerful strike the comes in from the side, making it a great addition to Palace Hand strikes, which mainly come straight isn (but not always).

Sorry for the abrupt ending...I've been having some technical difficulties. 

Kashindi Yon
Here is a slowish version of Kassendi Yon. If you'd like, feel free to learn this and we can hash out the details later. With that said, you should first learn Kassendi San fairly well.
Remember that it isn't about having a thousand techniques. Good training is about doing each technique a thousand times! We all have limited practice time and it's important to not have so much material that you can't put enough time and effort into making them so they work for you.

Darya, it would be very good for you to teach your sister this! 

Punch Practice

Here are a few suggestions that might be helpful for those of you looking for something to work on.