Our Martial Arts

Straight from the Source

The martial arts that you will learn at Kodokai Dojo martial arts were taught to me by sensei's Taira, Takamiyagi and Odo.

 With roots deep in history, our martial arts are grounded and proven, but updated for today's self-defense needs.

We offer classes in two distinct martial arts. In most of our classes we focus on a type of ju-jitsu called Palace Hand, or Udundi. We also provide limited classes in Okinawan karate.

The two styles compliment teach other and provide diverse skills for a variety of self-defense situations and physical abilities.

Taira sensei in handcuffs, demonstrating the diverse skills of Palace Hand.

 Taira sensei passed away in 2009.

Motobu Udundi (Palace Hand)

Palace Hand is an esoteric martial art developed on Okinawa throughout the last 500 years.


Udundi was designed for the battlefield and to serve as a bodyguard martial art for the royal family.

It is a fast, efficient martial art with fluid movements that don't require the use of strength. Palace hand functions very well in one-against one situations, but, because it was designed for the battlefield it is uniquely designed to handle multiple attacker situations.

Udundi consists of chokes, joint locks, throws, strikes and defenses against weapons. 

Techniques make use of your opponents force making it ideal for women and others who may face bigger and stronger adversaries.

Taira sensei visiting Kodokai Dojo.

Taira sensei was the source of most of our Palace Hand along with Takamiyagi sensei who still provides us with help and instruction. He has welcomed us to his Dojo in Koza, Okinawa many times and has visited us in Rhode Island 6 times. His first visit was 2004 and his last was August 2017.

Takamiyagi sensei at Kodokai Dojo.

About Our Karate

All karate originated on the island of Okinawa. After spreading throughout America, however, much of what is called 'karate' is very different from actual Okinawan karate. 


Our karate is an old method that I was taught on Okinawa. It is powerful, practical and I have used it for self protection several times.


It is the karate of Master Nakamura, an influential teacher who disliked the idea of karate being divided up into styles. His students frequently cross-trained with other schools, sharing and testing their skills. This karate, as a result, has not become rigid in technique nor philosophy. 

Nakamura passed away in 1969 leaving Seikichi Odo as Grandmaster. Odo was my teacher. I have been practicing this karate for 40 years.

We teach karate in classes separate from Palace hand and prefer that new members start in Palace Hand before joining the karate classes.

Shigeru Nakamura

Odo sensei at Kodokai Dojo.

Odo sensei passed away in 2002.

Wether you have prior training in some other style or you are new to the martial arts, the diversity and depth of our offerings can expand your capabilities dramatically.


The ingenious strategies and subtle movements of Palace Hand can inspire you to think about self-defense and martial arts in ways you never imagined.


You Should Be Here.

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