Online Learning- Coming Soon!

Self-defense, exercise, & personal development!

Welcome to your online training center!

Circumstances have changed the way people learn, work and stay fit. 


There is still a need to stay active, develop self-protection skills and nurture inner calm. Instead of giving up and doing nothing, many are facing these new challenges with a fighting spirit! 

If you are looking for ways to keep improving yourself as a human being and a martial artist, these courses might be just what you need.

  • Palace Hand

  • Okinawa Kenpo Karate

  • Kobujutsu (weapons)

  • Kenjutsu (swordsmanship)

  • Meditation and Philosophy

These Courses may be for you if-

  • You have always wanted to try martial arts.


  • You've done some martial arts in the past and would like to get back into action at your own pace.


  • You are a student of Kodokai Dojo and would like supplemental material so you can do more at home.


  • You teach or take lessons elsewhere and would like to add some new skills to your practice.

Let's get a couple of things out of the way... 

Are online classes as good as live classes?

The things that you will learn will be the same things that I learned from my teachers on Okinawa- the same things that I teach in live classes!

My instruction on Okinawa was amazing. It was rich with history and broad with context, I was taught by several amazing masters and I was both challenged and enriched by learning in a culture different from my own.


But there is no way that I can reproduce my experiences for others, not even in live classes. Instead, we each have to make the most of our present opportunities. These courses are one of your opportunities.

The good part about on-line courses is that you get to train at your pace and schedule. You also get to view the material over and over again and you get access to material that you can't learn elsewhere.

While there is a lot that can be accomplished with these courses, at some point you must train with other people. 

Toma sensei, with katana, in his home/Dojo, Okinawa.

Can I get my black belt by taking these courses?

Our on-line courses are designed for those wanting to learn and improve their skills. No online classes can fully prepare you for rank.


If earning a legitimate black belt is important to you we advise you to seek a qualified in-person teacher. There are many places offering rank online, but bogus rank won't do you any good and we would advise you to avoid anyone offering to promote you without training you in-person.

Toma sensei and Takamiyagi sensei.

So, what can I learn?

Courses will cover a variety of topics including:


  • the unique striking system of Palace Hand


  • tuidi- the joint locks, throws and restraints of Okinawan martial arts


  • Weapons arts- the kenjutsu of Palace Hand, bo (staff) from Palace hand and Odo kobujutsu, and more

  • kata of Palace Hand and Okinawa Kenpo Karate

For most of these courses you won't need a training partner, some courses, however, will require a training partner and will be specified as so.