Online Learning- Coming Soon!

Courses will cover a variety of topics including:


  • the unique striking system of Palace Hand


  • tuidi- the joint locks, throws and restraints of Okinawan martial arts


  • Weapons arts- the kenjutsu of Palace Hand, bo (staff) from Palace hand and Odo kobujutsu, and more

  • kata of Palace Hand and Okinawa Kenpo Karate

Self-defense, exercise, & personal development!

Welcome to your online training center!

Covid 19 has changed the way we have to learn, work and stay fit. 


There is still a need to stay active, develop self-protection skills and nurture inner calm. Instead of giving up and doing nothing, many are facing these new challenges with a fighting spirit! 

If you are self-motivated and looking for more, these courses might be just what you need.

Our online courses are currently only offered to members and friends of Kodokai Dojo.
They are specifically designed as a supplement to in-person training for those taking group or private lessons.
They will be very helpful to new students and those who have difficulty regularly attending classes.
They also will be helpful to those who have been out of training for a while.

Toma sensei and Takamiyagi sensei.

Want to see a little free demo course of Palace Hand?