Karate- Straight from the land where karate was created!

Okinawa, a tiny island south of Japan and east of China, is where karate was created. 


The extraordinary effectiveness of karate, combined with the many benefits that come through karate practice, have made karate a household word.

The 'karate' typically available in Rhode Island, however, barely resembles the karate practiced in its' homeland. It has been modified for sport, over-commercialized, and turned into new 'styles' that are unheard of in Okinawa. It has lost a lot in the process. 

You won't find trophies in our school because we don't teach sport karate. You won't see stripes on belts or junior black belts. You'll learn pure Okinawan karate, not an Americanized version of Okinawan karate, from the only teacher in the state to earn his black belt in Okinawa. 


Our karate comes from Shigeru Nakamura, a legendary master who felt that karate shouldn't be divided into styles. His karate represents a wide range of proven karate skills. It is like having the best of several styles in one. 

When Nakamura sensei passed away in 1969 his senior student, Seikichi Odo, continued his teaching and became grandmaster. Seikichi Odo was my teacher and I was awarded every rank- from white belt to 8th degree black belt- from Odo.

Shigeru Namura 1891- 1969

So, what's so special about this karate? Many things.

For starters, it is practical. A driving force behind Nakamura's vision of karate was that it needed to retain its' effectiveness.

Also, it is very fluid. It isn't rigid or static like so many modern styles. And, because it is a combination of many schools of karate, it offers a wide range of skills including throws, chokes, joint locks and other practical ways for dealing with bad guys- it isn't just about smashing.

And we don't teach kata (forms) without also teaching the applications within the forms. That would be useless, and that's what many schools do. When done right, kata is an awesome practice tool and can produce great results.

Seikichi Odo at Kodokai Dojo, 2001.

We teach a limited amount of karate classes and encourage students to first study some Palace Hand. 


If you enjoy a regimented practice that has served the test of time and proven effective over and over again, our karate may be just what you are looking for, 

Give us a call to see how you might join our classes.

Seikichi Odo and Kodokai Instructor D. Branchaud. 

Kata practice -  Namenue, Okinawa, 2004