Self-defense from the Ground


Ground skills are essential for self-defense. While we don't want to 'go to the ground' like in sport martial arts, we may be taken to the ground, we may trip, slip, or be attacked while seated or otherwise compromised. Sexual assaults typically end up on a couch, bed or on the ground or in a car making these skills especially important for women.


Many schools do not teach ground fighting but we don't see how a school can possibly claim to teach self-defense without offering students the ability to learn solid ground skills. How could a person even feel confident about their ability to protect themselves if they don't know what to do on the ground?

Most of our students really enjoy learning these skills. You will learn techniques from Judo, Brazilian ju-jitsu, Palace Hand and karate. Our emphasis is on protecting yourself on the ground, escaping to your feet, or ending the fight on the ground.

If you are brought to the ground a larger or stronger opponent has a great advantage. If you don't react skillfully you can quickly exhaust yourself and become helpless. These classes are designed to give you skills and practice that can save your life.


Classes are safe, fun, structured and noncompetitive and provide an excellent whole-body workout.

Because the overall focus of our school is 'self-defense' we offer this instruction as a supplement to our other classes. We do not recommend that you take these classes without learning 'stand-up' skills in our other classes.

Give us a call. Putting this off is a very bad idea!