What is Palace Hand?

Palace Hand is an ancient form of ju-jitsu that was created in Okinawa, Japan. It has a documented 500 year history making it a proven, time-tested and efficient system of self-protection. Palace Hand employs a variety of strikes, joint locks, chokes, throws, strategies and the use of a wide variety of weapons. 

It was designed as a bodyguard and battlefield art for protection of the royal family. It is specialized for handling multiple attackers. Of course, it is also highly effective for one against one situations.

Because it was developed for unique circumstances, it is very different from karate, Thai boxing and other commonly seen arts, which focus on one-against one sporting matches..

What is unique about Palace Hand?

  • Defense and offense are simultaneous. This makes it very quick and difficult to counter.

  • Palace Hand uses natural body movements, gravity, momentum and angles rather than physical strength.

  • Palace Hand does not use force against force.

  • The practice environment is relaxed. There is no yelling or regimentation.

  • Techniques are designed to protect against an unseen additional attacker or an unseen weapon.

  • Techniques are supported by strategy and tactics- something many styles do not have.

  • Techniques are performed with no strength, in a relaxed manner, with smoothness and fluidity.

  • Techniques can control an attacker with a minimum of harm or with great devastation.

  • Practice is silent with no sound from ones feet, no kiai, etc...

  • Palace Hand uses natural posture (no formal stance) and specialized walking methods.

  • Palace Hand uses deception, softness and efficiency to neutralize or finish an attacker efficiently.

At Kodokai Dojo you will learn authentic martial arts from the only teacher in the state who was trained in Okinawa, Japan.

Our teaching comes straight from the source which makes it very different from methods you will find elsewhere. 

That's me, your teacher at Kodokai Dojo.

This was taken as I was testing in karate before the board of masters in Nago, Okinawa, 1978.

What's so special about Okinawa?

Okinawa is a small island and part of Japan. It is where karate and many other martial arts where created before they spread around the world.

In the process of spreading, many of these martial arts became commercialized versions of what westerners believed karate to be. 

Though many schools claim to teach 'authentic' martial arts, the difference between what we have learned in Okinawa, and what you will find in your nearby strip mall, is like night and day.

What makes us different?

After my initial training on Okinawa (1978-79) I continue to maintain relationships with my Okinawan teachers- over 40 years! Many of my students have visited Okinawa for training and our teachers have visited our school in Rhode Island as well. This continuous relationship insures that we are teaching our martial arts consistent with our teachers methods and that you will have access to the benefits of proper technique and training.

Value    -    Trust    -    Quality    -    Authenticity

Here are some scenes from my training visits to beautiful Okinawa!